Legal Matters in the 21st Century

If you want to succeed, then you gotta abide; by Robert`s rules adding agenda items, let’s take a ride.

But hold on, there’s more to follow; water pollution rules 2019, they’re straight up hallow.

Now if you’re thinking of a hypothecation plan; then you better understand a hypothecation agreement, and you better be a fan.

Listen up, young ones, it’s a crucial matter to know; the Nevada legal age of consent, it’s not just for show.

So you wanna be a caregiver, in the state of California; better learn about the caregiver agreement, it’s not just a utopia.

Now here’s something interesting, take a look at this plot; do a Benford law analysis in Excel, it’s the most sought.

But hey, before you go and decide on your career; ask yourself, is law the right career for me, or will it bring you fear?

Now it’s time for something global, something out of the box; let’s explore the new approaches to international law, it’s not just a fox.

And to wrap it up, something fun and wild; is it fennec fox legal in NJ, or will it drive you mild?

So there you have it, legal matters in the 21st century; from zero tolerance in Texas to a California century.