M&A Integration Processes and Issues

A cardinal rule in M&A is to not destroy value, which is why you need to spend the time to create your processes and prepare for when things go wrong. I’ve discovered that the most frequent issues are related to people: how they react to changes and how they react to it and what they do when things don’t go as planned.

We assist our clients to set up the system that will allow them to identify potential problems early and to respond https://reising-finanz.de/personal-property-insurance-buying-guide/ quickly. This can be accomplished by holding weekly IMO meeting and working streams to assess the progress made and escalate issues and risks to the SteerCo.

After the process for solving issues has been established, it is important to concentrate on implementation. This means ensuring that the team is aware of what it’s required to achieve and how it will be evaluated, and when. It also requires clearly publishing accountability (i.e. taking responsibility for the final results) and the authority to make decisions for the entire company.

It is crucial that the CEO and other senior managers can focus at least 90 percent of their time focusing on core matters and not be distracted by integration tasks. It’s recommended to choose someone who will oversee the Decision Management Office and coordinate work streams. This person may be from the acquired company or be a rising star in the merged organization who has the support of their boss.

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